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Nacho Ingredients

Mexican food

Mexican gastronomy is part of the traditions and common life of its inhabitants, enriched by the contributions of the different regions of the country, which derives from the experience of pre-Hispanic with European cuisine, among others. Mexican food was named by UNESCO as an  intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Mexico has one of the most extensive street food (also known as "antojitos" which translates to delights) cultures in the world. The majority of this food is based on corn products and the best street food is often found in and around markets and at public transportation stops.

Pork .jpg

"Al Pastor" pork: Was popularized in the 1930s and 40s in Central Mexico, they are traditionally grilled on a vertical spit and are prepared by marinating our local pork in a combination of annatto paste and other spices.

Mexcian Food

"Carnitas:" This way of cooking pork originated in southern Mexico and they are made by simmering the pork in oil giving it a unique Mexican flavor.


Beans: Beans are the perfect snack and they are extremely common in Mexico, you can use them as an appetizer or an add on to dishes.

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Salsa: Do you want to add a kick of Mexican flavor to any dish? Add this rich tasting red salsa made from fresh local ingredients.

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Pineapple: Create contrast between  sweet and savoury in your "Al Pastor" taco by adding pineapple.

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Tortilla: Holds the taco's flavor and ingredients together.

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